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Case Studies

Smartwasher Installed Into Local Councils Waste Disposal Department.

Rozone have recently installed Smartwasher parts cleaning machines into all depots of a local Council’s waste disposal department. The reason for choosing Rozone`s parts washer is it`s health & safety benefits over solvent cleaning.

The Smartwasher uses an aqueous based, non-hazardous degreasing solution which is heated to 40°c in the Smartwasher machine. This is the optimum temperature for oil-eating microbes introduced to the system through a filter mat, to work at digesting all the oil and grease washed off dirty parts, effectively recycling the solution. This clever cleaning technology called bioremediation eliminates the requirement of a costly service contract by reducing waste fluid generation bringing cost savings as well as environmental benefits.

With fewer risk assessments to complete and assisting compliance with ISO14001, the Smartwashers health and safety benefits were the real deal breaker.  Workshop Managers at the Council Depot identified that the previous cleaning methods used on-site at each of their 6 depots did not offer the same SHE benefits as Rozone`s Smartwasher and Union representatives were looking for alternatives to safeguard their workers. The Rozone Smartwasher was identified and Rozone assisted in supplying a Smartwasher free of charge on trial for evaluation by staff.  The Smartwasher was a winner all round – for management as it ticked their CSR requirements as well as for the users as it cleaned as well as their previous method without the health hazards, flammability risks and smell! Since then the customer has stated how much of a difference Rozone’s units have had on the business – in cost savings and happy workers!

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A clean truck speaks volumes for your brand

Company vehicles are rolling billboards for thousands of perspective customers every day. If your fleet racks up a lot of miles then it is going to come into contact with millions of road users every single year, and it only takes one bad impression to start a domino effect within your market.

Maintaining a clean fleet is as important to your company image as your logo or even your customer service. Your image is your brand, and a clean fleet speaks volumes about who you are.

It Doesn’t Have To Be Costly

The trouble with maintaining a clean fleet however is this – it costs money. With 3.5 tonne trucks requiring a steam clean before their yearly Ministry of Transportation inspection, there is more often than not a rush to have a fleet cleaned, which can lead to overpaying.

That’s why we offer competitive rates that allow you to make the most out of your money. With products you can use on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, you can make the best choices for both your brand and your budget.

A Maintained Fleet = A Maintained Brand

Road tar, salt, general dirt and UV damage can damage the appearance of a vehicle. Even bird droppings and bugs can aid in the deterioration of body graphics and paint at an incredibly fast rate. All are acidic in nature and can discolour the paint and design on the side of your vehicles. Did you know that our heavy duty traffic film remover is excellent for fleet cleaning, MOT work and plant vehicle?!

By regularly cleaning and maintaining your fleet, you can save time and money by not needlessly restoring your vehicles after the damage is critical. As well as this, there are benefits that might not have come to mind;

- Better public appearance –Values of the company & brand will be uplifted
- Increased pride in vehicle – Staff will take better care of their vehicle
- Fleet Value – A clean & maintained vehicle is worth more for both your brand and budget

Applying wax to your vehicle not only makes a vehicle look new but also protects your fleets that much more against the elements. When you’ve spent so much to build your fleet, a small investment in protecting it is worthwhile!

So take a look at our vehicle cleaning and care solutions that are kind to your vehicles during maintenance and by protecting them from corrosive substances. We’re determined to help fleets both big and small so your brand shine through.

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