Cleaning For Our Emergency Services

27 September 2018

Rozone have been supplying the Emergency Services for over 20 years with a specially developed range of Cleaning, Maintenance & Service Products – all designed to effectively, clean, protect and maintain whilst safeguarding the health and safety of technicians, ensuring efficiency and legislative compliance whilst lowering costs and reducing the impact on the environment.

Our range covers:
• Parts Washers
• Fleet Cleaning & Care
• Brake Servicing
• Battery Management

Parts Washers
The safe alternative to solvents. The Rozone parts washer is a parts cleaning system which uses bioremediation to reduce waste fluid generation, cutting the expense of hazardous waste removal and bringing health & safety benefits to the user.

Cleaning Chemicals
The comprehensive range of vehicle cleaning products – designed to effectively, clean and maintain whilst protecting the health and safety of employees, ensuring legislative compliance and safeguarding the environment. Our selection includes TFRs that are non-caustic and can be applied manually, with a pressure washer or via a Brushwash system and interior valeting products that will clean, de-odourise and sanitise.

Brake Servicing
Our range includes non-flammable Brake Washers and mobile brake maintenance units. Rozone is the UK partner of Romess whose brake bleeders boast a simple one-man operation – for a quick and easy brake fluid change. Romess have official approval and recommendations from the likes of Mercedes, BMW, Ford and Volvo.

Battery Testers & Chargers
Delivering simple, effective battery management solutions that integrate into every-day workshop practices, Rotronics is the UK partner for both Midtronics and CTEK battery management technology.

Get in touch today, to see how we can help clean, protect and maintain your vehicles.

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