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The Rozone Hotwash RO1100T is an automatic, stainless steel aqueous cleaning machine designed for faster and more powerful cleaning action. Parts are loaded manually onto the motorised stainless steel basket and the combined action of temperature, pressure and chemical action allows for the removal of oils, fats, greases as well as incrustations of any kind due to mechanical use. Hot air accumulated during the wash cycle allows for rapid drying of the parts providing an entirely automatic, cost effective and safe cleaning process. Features a pneumatic opening lid, a safety shut-off to ensure the pump does not operate when the lid is open, a drain pump, oil skimmer and low noise operation. Tank capacity is 180L with a cleaning temperature range of 0-120°C.

Recommended Maintenance

To maintain the outer finish of your Hotwash machine we recommend using our RES Citritech which degreases and descales quickly and easily to restore a gleaming finish - contains corrosion inhibitor for added protection.

  • Overall Machine Size: 1250mm x 1250mm x 1600mm
  • Loading Height: 600mm
  • Pump Power: 3hp
  • Electric/Phase: 380v/3
  • Timer: 0-30 minutes
  • Basket Diameter: 1100mm
  • Basket Capacity: 440kg
  • Heater: 15kw
  • Pump Structure: Stainless Steel

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