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Jetwash RO200

Pack size: Unit
SKU: Jetwash RO200

The Rozone Jetwash cleans x10 faster than a traditional parts washer with its powerful high-pressure spray system – significantly reducing component cleaning time and saving on costs.

The powerful flow rate delivers targeted cleaning through a special operational nozzle making this the ideal unit for removing stubborn contaminants from components with blind holes and difficult to access areas which standard manual cleaning machines just can’t reach.

The Rozone Jetwash provides high visibility cleaning of intricate parts with no splashes or leaks. Twin filter system ensures cleaner fluid for longer and prolongs the life of the machine.

Combined with Rozone`s Hotwash Low Foam Fluid – a solvent free, VOC free, non-corrosive aqueous solution, these high-performance machines are environmentally friendly and no hazard to painted surfaces, acrylics, non-ferrous metals and soft sealants.

Recommended Maintenance

To maintain the outer finish of your Jetwash machine we recommend using our RES Citritech which degreases and descales quickly and easily to restore a gleaming finish - contains corrosion inhibitor for added protection.

  • Dimensions Working Area: 1100mm x 700mm
  • Pump Power: 3hp
  • Electric/Phase: 380v/3
  • Door Opening System: Pneumatic
  • Body Structure: Stainless Steel
  • Pump Pressure: Max 80 bar
  • Heater: 2.5 x 2kw
  • Tank Capacity: 120L
  • Thermostat: 0-120°C

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