Look Mum No Hands!

27 April 2017

The Rozone Smartwasher is our unique parts cleaning system that is both self-cleaning and non-hazardous. Many different businesses have benefitted from its safe to use and effective design.

Sam Humpheson, who is the owner of Look Mum No Hands, a combination of a café and one of the most reputable bike workshops in London, has been using the Smartwasher ever since the company was founded in 2010. So far, he has loved the product and has given us the following testimonial.

“When we opened in 2010 I knew that we needed a parts washer but did not want the smell, expense or disruption of a traditional solvent-based system.

Rozone have proven to be the solution to these problems with their low impact, environmentally sound Smartwasher.

Our Smartwasher has been hammered every day for 7 years and is still producing great results, needing nothing more than a fresh filter every month and a little topping up of fluid every now and then.

I couldn’t imagine using any other system, and it is a nice bonus that the team at Rozone have been an absolute pleasure to deal with.”

The Smartwasher has 3 essential components; the parts cleaning machine; powerful water based degreasing solution (Ozzy Juice) and microbe impregnated mat (Ozzy Filter). The combination of these 3 components, creates one of the most cost effective and thorough parts cleaning systems on the market.

Thank you Sam –  you have also been a pleasure to work with.

If you would like to find out more information on the Smartwasher, or would like to place an order, the best way is to contact our friendly team on 0121 514 0604.

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