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Damage Restoration categories

About Damage Restoration

Fire, smoke and water damage can be direct or secondary, varying from the superficial to the highly pervasive. Our damage restoration products are designed to deal with a whole host of different problems, from fire, smoke and flood damage, to rust, oil, mould, dirt and grime. Whether you need a solution or applicator – we have a range of products to suit you.

Post Fire Cleaning Products
Our smoke damage cleaning products include heavy duty surface cleaners to remove soot, grease and oil after a fire. Different materials when burnt create distinct types of smoke deposits, which can penetrate non-sealed areas of a building. The damage caused by wet smoke, dry smoke, fuel, oil and soot deposits often requires specialist cleaning technologies.

Post Flood Cleanup
We also offer water damage management solutions that are ideal for cleanup after a flood. Water damage’s hygiene implications and secondary effects – including corrosion, mould or mildew growth, and structural deterioration – often necessitate specially formulated chemical treatments.

20 Years’ Experience
We have 20 years’ experience in the formulation and supply of chemicals specifically designed to address damage management problems.

Our goal is to develop products and technologies that solve problems for our customers whilst, at the same time, controlling costs, protecting health and well-being of staff and operatives, and, equally importantly, lowering the impact on the environment.

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