Product Testing at Rozone

17 August 2016

Last week we put two of our products to the test in a commercial kitchen at the Northamptonshire Police Headquarters. The products under the spot light were; The Duct-Tech Power Clean (DPTC) via foamer and the Duct-Tech Gel (DTG) via jet sprayer. Both of which are from our Duct-Tech range which offer a non-toxic, non-corrosive and pH neutral alternative to harmful chemicals usually used for heavy duty cleaning.


Firstly, the products were tested on fryers. We found that for softer grease DPTC worked very effectively, but for harder grease DTG worked better. Both of the Rozone products produced better results than Blast and are considerably safer to use due to the none caustic and pH neutral nature of the products.

The products were then tested on a commercial oven. Similar to earlier results the DTPC was very effective on softer grease. DTPC foams allows the product to cut through and absorb the grease, where it remains suspended until wiped off. For the harder grease on the doors and the canopy both inside and out DTG was effectively used. The team unanimously agreed this product cut through the grease quickly and easily.

At the end of the commercial clean, the customers noticed a significant reduction in chemical odours or what they described as “the stuff that hits the back of your throat”, and still produced the high quality results expected from a deep clean.

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