Rozone removing the need to use harmful solvents

23 June 2016

After reviewing the job we observed large volumes of glue from a fire damaged carpet had been deposited over a significant area. Traditionally a solvent would be required to break down the glue. Solvents of this type carries a risk of high evaporation and in some cases exhibit a low flash point. Whilst here at Rozone do all we can to make the use of solvents as safe as possible, there is always a risk to health due to the vapours generated by them.


Health & safety and environmental implication is a high priority in our research and development process. In our recent trials, we have developed a modern range of surface active agents (detergents), which was able to break down the glues found on the site. These surfactant can form micelle, which absorbs and break down hydrophobic contents of this particular glue.

By using the most advanced formulation process resulted in a safer, more environmentally friendly application for the technician. This saved our client time and money but more importantly remove the need for hazardous solvent materials to be used.

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