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Exposure to brake dust is a known hazard. Inhalation of these particles can damage employee`s health so it is vital to prevent dust becoming airborne when servicing brakes.

The Rozone Brakewasher stops brake dust from being dispersed into the atmosphere by saturating the brakes with non-hazardous aqueous-based cleaning fluid.

The safe alternative to solvent and aerosol brake cleaning

  • Profit from the saving of eliminating aerosol spray cans and rental solvent baths
  • VOC Free, non-hazardous, aqueous cleaning solution
  • Protects health and well-being of employees
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BCE500 Brakewasher
  • The unit is air-operated and comes with the following tools to make the cleaning process quick, easy and effective.
  • A nozzle allows the user to first saturate the brakes
  • A flo-thru brush enables agitation and scrubbing off of brake dust deposit
  • Technicians can quickly dry the backing plate and brakes in seconds using the air dryer
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Super Brakewash Concentrate
  • Supplied as a concentrate, simply add to the Brakewasher and top up to the fill line with water
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Sock Filter
  • The sock filter is situated in the barrel of the Brakewasher and should be changed when the unit is cleaned out
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