The home of high performance, sustainable cleaning

Rozone has been developing innovative solutions to both everyday and more complex cleaning problems since its establishment at the end of the last century. Our philosophy is to develop industrial cleaning products and technologies which are most suited to performing a particular task by providing the best possible combination of sustainability and performance.

We specialise in solving problems that have traditionally been the preserve of effective but potentially hazardous chemicals products, replacing these wherever possible with water based or safer solvent based solutions, assisting with the protection and wellbeing of users whilst offering environmental benefits to the organisations using them.

We’ve been successful in major industrial cleaning projects as a result of this philosophy; we have a strong customer base, from the largest blue chip organisations and government departments, through to more specialist engineering companies, cleaning contractors and ‘clean up’ specialists. We’ve also built up a significant export business for our professional cleaning supplies, resulting in our UK developed and manufactured technologies reaching a global audience.

Our aim is to offer professional industrial cleaning supplies & commercial cleaning products. Discover our full range of commercial cleaning supplies here, including our Smartwasher parts washer, damage management, mould removal and fire restoration cleaning products.