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Innovative cleaning solutions

Rozone has been developing innovative commercial cleaning solutions since its establishment at the end of the last century. Our philosophy is to develop industrial cleaning supplies and technologies which are most suited to performing a particular task by providing the best possible combination of sustainability and performance.

Protecting the health & safety of your people

In today’s increasingly legislative environment, there is a demand for cleaning, pollution control and other innovative technologies that benefit employees, society and the environment – at the same time delivering a reduction in operating costs and improving efficiency.  Our aim is to help companies reduce the use of harsh chemicals in their cleaning processes, safeguarding the health and safety of staff and customers whilst lowering their impact on the environment.

Managing your impact of the environment

We specialise in solving problems that have traditionally been the preserve of effective but potentially hazardous chemical products, replacing these wherever possible with water based or safer solvent based solutions, assisting with the protection and wellbeing of users whilst offering environmental benefits to the organisations using them.

Working in partnership

The demand for our range of professional cleaning products and sustainable solutions has developed significantly since we began in 1996 and we are proud to work with a wide range of customers including Defence, Aerospace, Automotive, Plant Hire, Government and Municipal, Damage Restoration and many more. We’ve also built up a significant export business, resulting in our UK developed and manufactured technologies reaching a global audience.

Our aim is to offer professional industrial cleaning products. Discover our full range of commercial cleaning supplies here, including our bioremediating parts washers, fire and flood restoration products and commercial kitchen cleaning solutions.


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