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As the Automotive Industry continues to advance its technological trend towards super modern, electric and autonomous cars, more and more electronic components, sensors and computer controlled elements are being added to vehicles.

With this comes the importance of efficient diagnostic tools to correctly diagnose faults and calibrate or readjust all these driver assist features - cameras, sensors and other technology to manufacturer`s specifications.

Before the emergence of car diagnostic tests, identifying problems was time-consuming and expensive, especially considering vehicle fleet and car owners only brought their vehicles to mechanics after a breakdown or other severe malfunction. Now technicians can detect problems long before they cause a breakdown. Diagnostic and calibration tools can check a vehicle’s computer system for manufacturer notifications and stored information enabling technicians to perform the best repair possible.

Since the 1990`s our Rozone team has been involved in the sales and servicing of marketing leading vehicle diagnostic and calibration equipment offering quality and cost-efficient solutions to meet our customers’ demands.

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