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Our experts can help you look after your parts washer whether it is a Rozone ROwasher or a Smartwasher and provide maintenance and repair support.

The main advantage of these machines is that the majority of maintenance is conducted in-house without the need of expensive service contracts. Your technicians can easily change the filter mat every month and top-up the fluid when required indicated by the low fluid indicator light.

The Rozone team are able to fully support with any maintenance queries via our Telesales Team and field-based Service and Repair experts.

We have provided a simple guide and maintenance plan to help you below.


Firstly, you must remember to change the filter every month. The Microbial Filter Mat contains millions of micro-organisms which get released into the system. These micro-organisms break down or “eat” the oil and grease washed off dirty parts turning it into harmless carbon dioxide and water. This process leaves the ROwash fluid clean and strong for every use, effectively recycling the fluid and reducing the need for hazardous waste disposal. It is really important to change the filter each month to renew the microbe colony and keep the parts washer working at its optimum performance level.

The microbes live for around four weeks before dying off, so a monthly filter change replenishes the colony of microbes in the parts washer. If you don’t do this you will get a build-up of oil and grease and unusable fluid – getting the machine back into action can be costly.


A low fluid indicator light on the machine tells you when you need to top up with 20L ROwash. As the parts washer is heated to 38°- 42°C over time you will lose some fluid through evaporation; when it drops by 20 litres the sensor probe in the machine which measures the level of the fluid will switch the red light on and the heater element off as a safety feature. It is important to add 20L ROwash as soon as possible to prevent the fluid going cold and the microbe activity diminishing. Topping up with 20L ROwash will get the temperature back up to 40°c.


In order for the clever bioremediation process to occur, the temperature of the cleaning solution must be maintained at 38° - 40°C for the microbes to operate at their optimal performance level. Therefore the power supply to the parts washer must not be switched off at night or at weekends.

Our ROwash Degreasing Solution and Microbial Filter Mats are fully compatible with both the ROwasher and Smartwasher *

*Using fluid not recommended by the manufacturer may nullify any machine / manufacturer`s warranty

The best way to maintain your parts washer is to contact our friendly team

To discuss parts washer service and repair, call

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The best way to maintain your parts washer is to contact our friendly team.

To discuss parts washer service and repair, call