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We offer an extensive range of ancillary products, sprayers and dry goods to assist in all aspects of the restoration job from sprayer applicators and PPE to wrapping, dispensing and storage -  you’ll find everything you need for optimum ease and convenience in Rozone`s One Stop Shop

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Hand Sanitiser Gel
  • WHO recommended Hand Rub Formulation
  • 75% Alcohol
From £18.00
Single Use Face Masks
  • Excellent bacterial filtration efficiency - 98%
  • Splash Resistant
  • Maintenance free
  • Low breathing resistance and excellent comfort for the wearer
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Hand Sanitising Wipes
  • 240 wipes in a tub
  • Contain 70% Isopropanol
  • Fragrance: Lemongrass
  • Sheet size : 185 x 300mm
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Full Face Visor
  • Disposable
  • Easy to put on
  • One size fits all with elastic strap fitting
  • Attachable comfort foam insert
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Bag - clear poly resealable
  • Bag - clear poly resealable (Bag of 100)
From £3.18
Knife - Retractable with Holder
  • Retractable pattern with blade lock facility, variable depth cut and Supplied with two notch blade in handle.
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Brush - Yard 12" complete
  • Brush - Yard 12" complete
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Brush - Yard 24" complete
  • Brush - Yard 24" complete
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Covers 2 Seater 120g Poly 96" x 54" (75)
  • Covers 2 Seater 120g Poly 96" x 54" (75)
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Covers 4 Seater 120g poly 120" x 54" (75)
  • 75 covers per roll
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Eye Wash Station
  • Eye Wash Station with Mirror
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Fogger - Thermal Kettle 240v
  • Can be used with Odourtech RTU
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Gloves Disposable Latex
  • A single use non-sterile glove for minimal risk applications. Non-sterile and lightly powdered with USP grade cornstarch.
Gloves Disposable Latex Powder Free
  • A single-use, non-sterile glove for minimal risk applications. Ambidextrous design with a rolled cuff for extra strength. 
From £10.00

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