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Approved by the likes of Mercedes, BMW, VW, Ford, Volvo, and Renault and suitable for motorbikes, cars and trucks, our Brake Bleeders enable technicians to fulfil brake servicing tasks faster and more efficiently, saving both time and money.

The optimal solution for any size workshop, these units boast a one-man, 5-minute operation, making brake fluid changes quick, safe and easy. They operate electronically without compressed air and are available in either 12v or 240v.

Our range includes brake bleeding systems for both DOT and Pentosin. Romess have thoughtfully created their Pentosin Brake Bleeders in green, giving them different fittings to the DOT Brake Bleeders so there is no risk of cross contamination in Service Workshops that are dealing with both fluids.

The Romess range also cleverly includes units specially designed for holding 30L & 60L cans of fluid meaning no risks from decanting, saving on fill time and disposing of packaging waste – a sign of the innovation that makes Romess products the market leading solutions for Technicians looking for ease of use and efficiency.

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