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Our range of Workshop Cleaning and Maintenance products have been created following many years’ experience supplying industrial and plant hire workshops This on-the-job evaluation and attention to customer feedback has ensured a user-friendly product range that meets industry demands to the highest standard. Wherever possible we use the latest available proven technologies within our formulations and products which are manufactured at our plant in the UK - our team of chemists and microbiologists constantly explore what’s possible. Using Rozone’s cleaning products on a regular basis means you have an element of compliance built in.

We provide innovative cleaning solutions, replacing potentially hazardous chemical products with effective water-based or safer solvent-based solutions –protecting the health and safety of technicians and offering environmental benefits.

We have been supplying leading companies within the Plant Hire Industry for over 15 years with our solvent free partswasher and our range of workshop cleaning and maintenance chemicals and are proud of our Hire Industry Trusted Supplier status.


As trusted suppliers to the Hire Industry we aim to help companies:

•          Improve Customer Quality perception – Equipment looks well maintained

•          Provide efficient methods of cleaning – reducing downtime between hire

•          Reduce waste production – saving costs

•          Health & Safety : Improve work environment and safeguard employees

•          Environmental Standards : Lowering your impact on the environment

•          Improve sustainability: Visible and quantifiable improvement in sustainable

             practice meeting corporate strategic objectives.


We also have a range of vehicle cleaning and valeting products if you run your own fleet; Personal Protective Equipment, sprayers and ancillary goods plus an extensive range of Site Maintenance solutions from economy floor cleaners to oil stain removal technologies.


Our extensive range assists you in best practice for Workshop Cleaning and Maintenance – improving safety and environment for technicians and the company, ensuring efficiency and legislative compliance, lowering costs and raising presentation standards

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    From workbench cleaning & maintenance kits to surface degreasers, corrosion protectors and finishing products, each product within our select range of Workshop Cleaning and Maintenance products is tried, tested and trusted to be fit for purpose, so whatever the task you can be sure of optimum efficiency, quality and performance.

    Our experience in the industry enables us to create and select solutions that effectively, clean, protect and restore whilst safeguarding the health and safety of technicians, ensuring efficiency and legislative compliance, lowering costs and the impact on the environment and raising presentation standards for a company.

    Where possible we provide effective water-based or safer solvent-based solutions which offer environmental benefits and protect the safety of technicians. We`re conscious that workshop areas can be confined spaces and solvent odours are unpleasant for users. We take care that products such as Electric Safe Solvent Degreaser, a solvent based spray cleaner for use on electrics is low odour for ease of use. Electric Safe is available in our Workshop Maintenance Station – a benchtop or wall mountable basket which allows for tidy storage of 4 daily use products. This pack offers outstanding economy and reduces the use of aerosols – a costly waste to dispose of. Shop The Range


    Whether you operate a large fleet of vehicles or a small fleet, Rozone supplies a comprehensive range of quality traffic film removing detergents (TFRs) and associated vehicle cleaning products for customers wishing to maintain their own fleet appearance & brand image; from non-caustic and neutral detergents to aluminium and alloy cleaners, trailer sanitisers, vehicle fabric and upholstery cleaners, sanitisers and odour controllers, glass cleaners and vehicle curtain maintenance systems. Shop The Range


    Our bio-remediating, self-recycling partscleaning machines reduce the use of harsh toxic chemicals, help technicians work more safely and also benefit the environment. Employing microbes to effectively “eat” the oil and grease washed off dirty parts, our parts washers reduce the requirement of a costly hazardous waste removal service and can be easily maintained in-house. They emit no fumes and assist with ISO14001 compliance. Shop The Range


    We have a comprehensive range of floor cleaning products for both interior and exterior applications that can be applied manually or via floor scrubbing machine. Shop The Range


    We offer an extensive range of competitively priced and fit for purpose dry goods and consumables, to support our cleaning and maintenance products. From PPE and spill kits, to wrapping, dispensing and storage you’ll find everything you need in one place for optimum ease and convenience. Shop The Range