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Our Commercial Kitchen cleaning products have been developed to effortlessly remove tough grease and grime from kitchen surfaces, appliances, ducts, vents, floors and even ceilings.

We specialise in solving cleaning problems that have traditionally been the preserve of effective but potentially hazardous chemical products, replacing these wherever possible with water based or safer solvent based solutions, assisting with the protection and wellbeing of users whilst offering environmental benefits to the organisations using them.

Our Range of Own Formulation Chemical Products, have all been designed, formulated and manufactured in our UK plant to a constantly high standard with quality control and full traceability across all lines

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    Our Commercial Kitchen cleaning products have been developed to effortlessly remove tough grease and grime from kitchen surfaces, appliances, ducts, vents, floors and even ceilings.

    Our kitchen Duct-Tech® range includes disinfectant, polish, duct cleaning gel and restorer cleaning solutions – leaving a spotless finish.

    DUCT-TECH® ... you’re in safe hands

    Rozone has specially formulated Duct-Tech® Gel with complete understanding of the unique requirements of cleaning kitchen extract ducting systems, whether they involve short transition ducts or many linear metres of horizontal or vertical ductwork. In tests, when compared to traditional kitchen extract ducting chemicals, Duct-Tech® Gel reduces the time required for effective duct cleaning by almost 50%. Duct-Tech® Gel is non-toxic, non-corrosive and pH neutral. This spray-on gel formulation cuts effortlessly through accumulated grease and oily deposits even when they have hardened, without risk to the user, surfaces or equipment.

    Hardworking without the elbow grease

    Simply spray Duct-Tech®Gel on to the affected surface, leave it to work, scrape off and wipe down to achieve superb results, more easily and safely. Virtually odourless, it’s better to work with than harsh formulations and leaves no unwanted chemical odour behind within the food production or preparation environment.

    User benefits:

    • pH Neutral – no risk of burns to skin

    • Non-corrosive – no damage to surfaces or equipment

    • Sprayable gel formulation – sticks to surfaces with no splashes or drips

    • Non-toxic

    • Non-caustic

    Customer benefits:

    • Effective cleaning reduces combustion load

    • Maximises ventilation efficiency

    • Ducts must be regularly maintained or catering outlets risk invalidating their insurance as they will not be compliant with TR19 guidelines.

    Along with our commercial cleaning solutions, we have easy-to-use sprayers and applicators to make those hard-to-reach areas accessible. Shop The Range


    We offer a range of Birchmeier Sprayers to compliment our chemical range. Functional, durable and boasting the quality synonymous with “Made in Switzerland” the range includes sprayers and foamers for acids, alkalis and mineral solvents.

    Ranging from handheld compression sprayers to hand pump models with a stainless steel lance, our applicators and sprayers help to directly spray the product where you need it.

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    We offer an extensive range of competitively priced and fit for purpose dry goods and consumables, to support our cleaning and maintenance products. From PPE and spill kits, to wrapping, dispensing and storage you’ll find everything you need in one place for optimum ease and convenience. Shop The Range