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Traditionally, cleaning professional kitchen extract ducting systems has required an operator to take high pH, caustic and often offensive chemicals into enclosed spaces. These chemicals, by their very nature, carry significant health and safety risks which are amplified by the environment of a ducting system.

Our revolutionary Duct-Tech® Gel is a commercial kitchen degreaser that removes both the danger and the effort from the process without compromising performance. Tough on contaminant build-up, it’s safe and pleasant to use, whilst being easy on the environment.

Along with our commercial kitchen cleaning products, we have easy-to-use sprayers and applicators to make those hard-to-reach areas accessible.

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RES Stainless Cream Cleanser
  • Cream cleanser for cleaning stainless steel, kitchens, bathrooms, ceramics, enamel and glass
  • Midly abrasive cream cleaner
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Kitchen Extract Duct Cleaning Gel - Duct Tech Gel
  • Non-toxic, non-corrosive, pH neutral spray on gel for deep cleaning kitchen extract duct systems
  • Cuts effortlessly through accumulated grease and oily deposits
  • Eliminates risks of chemical burns
  • Saves labour costs making duct cleaning more efficient and safer
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Duct Tech Power Clean
  • For the removal of heavy duty grease and dirt from commercial kitchens
  • Powerful alkaline blend for effortless removal of heavy staining
  • Enhanced solvency for removal of burnt on fats and grease
  • Simply spray and wipe - much less dwell time required
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Food Safe Disinfectant - Duct Tech Disinfectant (Food Safe)
  • Safe and effective disinfection for food contact surfaces
  • No odour, no contamination risk
  • Contains three broad spectrum actives
  • Effective even against resistant organisms
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Hand Sanitiser Gel
  • WHO recommended Hand Rub Formulation
  • 75% Alcohol
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Stainless Steel Polish - Duct Tech Polish
  • Remove finger marks and polish out residue and water marks on stainless steel
  • Leaves a highly polished finish
  • Odourless and fragrance free-safe to use in food areas
  • Leaves surface dry to the touch

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