Science Led Cleaning

We offer an alternative to solvent parts cleaning. Our smart parts washer range uses a clever technology called bioremediation to dramatically reduce waste fluid generation, cutting the expense of hazardous waste removal and bringing health and safety benefits to the user.

The system comprises of three distinct parts: the parts cleaning machine, the degreasing solution and the filter mat. The filter mat releases millions of micro-organisms into the system where they break down or “eat” oil and grease that's washed off dirty parts into the parts cleaner, turning it all into harmless carbon dioxide and water. This process leaves the fluid clean and strong for every use, reducing the need for hazardous waste disposal and the associated costly service contract.

Our industrial degreaser machines are easily maintained in-house with a monthly filter change and regular top up of fluid. Our industrial parts washer range assists compliance with risk assessments and latest legislation such as ISO14001.

How Our Parts washers Work

1. Grease and oil are washed off the dirty part and flow through the Filter into the Smartwasher® base.
2. The Filter is the KEY to the system - it not only traps particles down to 50 micron, it also contains Rozone microbes.
3. Heated to 40°c, the microbes become active and eat the oil and grease turning them into CO² and water - effectively recycling the fluid.

Key Benefits of Our Parts Washers

  • Solvent Free
  • No vapours
  • Non-flammable, non-toxic degreasing
  • Heated to 40°c
  • No “Solvent Directive” issues
  • Simplified CoSHH reporting
  • No monthly service contracts
  • Reduced waste disposal costs
  • Lower risk to employees and the environment
  • Assists in ISO14001
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