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ROwasher Static

SKU: ROwasher Static Package SKU: ROwasher Static Package-ROwash 03 General-110v SKU: ROwasher Static Package-ROwash 03 General-240v SKU: ROwasher Static Package-ROwash 06 Specialist Metals-110v SKU: ROwasher Static Package-ROwash 06 Specialist Metals-240v SKU: ROwasher Static-ROwash Bike-110v SKU: ROwasher Static-ROwash Bike-240v
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Fits most applications and has everything you need in a manual parts washer – easy to use push button on/off switch, a flow control timer and a super capacity pump.

A flexible nozzle with highly visible orange tip to control fluid aim, gives a powerful adjustable flow rate, whilst a self-cleaning brush is the ideal tool to agitate stubborn dirt.

A 200 micron basket filter set into the sink tray traps larger particles. The automatic switch off pump and heater if minimum fluid level is reached is a built-in safety feature of the ROwasher.

  • Heats to 42°C
  • Thermostatically controlled
  • 1000 watt industrial heater
  • Heavy duty MDPE
  • Comes ready to use with initial fill of ROwash degreasing solution
  • Automatic energy saving mode
  • 60L tank capacity
  • 15L per minute Pump capacity
  • 150kg load capacity
Inside Sink Dimensions: L67cm x W58cm x H17cmcm
PH Level
Water Based

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