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ROwash Bike Degreasing Solution

Pack size: 20L
SKU: 11020439
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ROwash Bike Degreasing Solution is a pH neutral mix of emulsifiers and surfactants that has been specially formulated by our Scientists to produce a biodegradable, non-toxic, non-caustic and non-hazardous oil dispersant and degreaser for the Cycle Sector.

It contains no known carcinogens, has no flash point and releases no vapours or VOCs. A degreasing solution that is as powerful as solvent but without the hazards. It is designed to clean oily bike parts quickly and effectively. 

Bike Workshops can clean chain rings, cassettes, derailleurs, or an entire drivetrain within seconds using ROwash Bike. Safe to use on metal, plastic, rubber, and seals, it is biodegradable and pH neutral - kind to the bike, the operator and the environment.

It is the ideal solution for oil-eating microbes to live in. Working in tandem with our Microbial Filter Mat to create a powerful bioremediating parts cleaning system. ROwash Bike breaks down hydrocarbons quicker than other cleaners, ensuring your fluid stays cleaner for longer.


  • Ideal for bike cleaning and degreasing
  • Fast cleaning - removes dirt, grime, and chain residues with ease
  • Eco friendly – contains no harmful solvents, acids, or alkalis
  • Designed, tested (by Bike Workshops) and manufactured in the UK
  • Excellent cleaning performance
  • Safe on paintwork, rubber, plastic, and seals
  • Biodegradable
PH Level
Water Based

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