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Fire, Smoke and Water Damage Management

Our goal has been to develop products and technologies that solve problems for our customers whilst, at the same time, controlling costs, protecting health and well-being of staff and operatives, and, equally importantly, lowering the impact on the environment.

Our damange management range includes:

  • Specifically-designed products to address superficial post fire or flood damage to all surfaces, including plasterwork, woodwork, laminates, glass and metals including industrial strength formulations designed for heavy duty use on tough fire and flood remediation applications of any scale.
  • High-performance range of finishing solutions specifically designed to restore plastics, fabrics and stainless steel to their former glory.
  • “Problem solvers” for all types of corrosion and damage to metal surfaces. The range includes products for cleaning surfaces and protecting them, ensuring their usability and longevity.
  • Hard-working products geared at tackling problems with post fire or flood odours and contaminants, ideal for preparing surfaces prior to redecoration by preventing soot particle seepage. Our smoke damage cleaning products are second to none.
  • Sanitation and odour removal often go hand in hand, so Rozone has developed a selection of products that may well exceed your expectations in removing lingering smells and reinstating the required levels of hygiene and cleanliness within the environment

As well as flood and fire restoration cleaning products, we also have an extensive range of ancillary products and dry goods to assist in all aspects of the restoration job from PPE to wrapping, dispensing and storage you’ll find everything you need for optimum ease and convenience in our one stop shop.

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Rust Remover for Alloys - RES Derust
  • Corrosion removal for mild steel, aluminium and certain other alloys
  • Removes rust, atmospheric tarnish and limescale (hard water)
  • Removes grease and oil marks during use
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Rust Remover for Steel - RES Citritech
  • For galvanised steel cleaning and stainless steel corrosion removal and corrosion
  • Safe but powerful acidic de-scaler and rust remover
  • Contains corrosion inhibitor for added protection
  • Thickened formula gives prolonged contact time
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Peelable Latex Cleaner (Sample)
  • For cleaning sensitive, valuable substrates - cleans practically all surfaces
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RES Stainless Cream Cleanser
  • Cream cleanser for cleaning stainless steel, kitchens, bathrooms, ceramics, enamel and glass
  • Midly abrasive cream cleaner
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Kitchen Extract Duct Cleaning Gel - Duct Tech Gel
  • Non-toxic, non-corrosive, pH neutral spray on gel for deep cleaning kitchen extract duct systems
  • Cuts effortlessly through accumulated grease and oily deposits
  • Eliminates risks of chemical burns
  • Saves labour costs making duct cleaning more efficient and safer
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Duct Tech Power Clean
  • For the removal of heavy duty grease and dirt from commercial kitchens
  • Powerful alkaline blend for effortless removal of heavy staining
  • Enhanced solvency for removal of burnt on fats and grease
  • Simply spray and wipe - much less dwell time required
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Mould and Mildew Remover
  • Powerful removal of ingrained mould and mildew stains from non-porous surfaces
  • Suitable on most surfaces
  • Excellent water rinse ability
All Surface Cleaner - RES Restore Clean
  • Great all round cleaner - simply adjust the dilution to take on anything from dust to a house fire
  • Cuts through and removes soot deposits with ease
  • Light / medium alkaline surface cleaner that dries quickly and leaves a great finish
  • Solvent free
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Heavy Duty All Surface Cleaner - RES Restore Clean Plus
  • RES Restore Clean with a kick
  • Perfect for greasy kitchens and heavily soiled areas
  • High power performance cleaner with additional solvency
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Heavy Duty Post Fire Cleaner - RES Power Heavy Duty
  • Heavy duty alkaline surface cleaner, ideal with tough fires
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Heavy Duty Oven & Hob Degreaser - RES Extreme
  • A tougher degreaser for pyrolised fats and metal complexed polymers
  • Typical use would be commercial kitchens
  • Powerful alkaline blend for effortless removal of heavy staining
  • Enhanced solvency for removal of burnt on fats and grease
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Grease & Carbon Remover - RES Grease and Carbon
  • Very high alkaline deep cleaner to combat resinous grease and carbon removal
  • Attacks grease, oils and vegetable proteins
  • NOT designed for use on aluminium products
  • High alkaline formula for fast action on burnt on deposits eg. oven cleaning
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RES Glacier Extra
  • For cleaning and light stain removal on glass, enamel and ceramics
  • Fast acting with non-smear finish
  • Contains no alcohol
  • Efficient on very greasy surfaces
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Heavy Duty Solvent Degreaser - RES Solv Tech Heavy Duty
  • Heavy duty solvent cleaner for tough soils such as bitumen, tar and fat
  • High purity, low odour solvent
  • Low flammability and toxicity
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  • Fast drying alcohol for electrical cleaning
  • High purity, rapid evaporation
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Antimicrobial RES Sanitech
  • For sanitising and odour control in non-food environments
  • Controls contamination post flood
  • Contains a pleasant fragrance to mask musty odours
  • Independently tested to European Standard BS EN 14476 - effective against enveloped viruses which includes coronaviruses
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