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Few emergencies parallel the devastation that fires and floods – two of nature’s most destructive forces – can cause to homes and businesses. Fire, smoke and water damage can be direct or secondary, varying from the superficial to the highly pervasive.

Different materials when burnt create distinct types of smoke deposits, which can penetrate non-sealed areas of a building. The damage caused by wet smoke, dry smoke, fuel, oil and soot deposits often requires specialist damage management cleaning technologies.

Similarly, water damage’s hygiene implications and secondary effects – including corrosion, mould or mildew growth and structural deterioration – often necessitate specially formulated chemical treatments.

Rozone has exceptional understanding of the unique challenges associated with fire, smoke and water reinstatement and odour removal. This is borne from over 30 years experience in the formulation and supply of damange management chemicals, specifically designed to address these problems.

Our industry know-how enables us to create class leading solutions for the restoration industry that effectively clean, protect and restore.

The removal of micro-particulate soot, for instance, calls for specialist chemicals rather than general purpose cleaners. Odour elimination requires intensive and specialist treatment, particularly when odours are trapped behind new paintwork. Flood water may be contaminated, necessitating effective sanitisation products. Whatever the scenario and irrespective of its complexity or scale, Rozone’s expertise will guide you to the right solution.

Our products and services within fire, smoke and water damage management range from concept and formulation, production and distribution, to training and ongoing additional technical and business management support. Our goal has been to develop products and technologies that solve problems for our customers whilst at the same time controlling costs, protecting health and well-being of staff and operatives, and equally importantly lowering the impact on the environment.

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    Our range includes:

    Specifically designed products to address superficial post fire or flood damage to all surfaces, including plasterwork, woodwork, laminates, glass and metals including industrial strength formulations designed for heavy duty use on tough fire and flood remediation applications of any scale.

    High performance range of finishing solutions specifically designed to restore plastics, fabrics and stainless steel to their former glory.

    “Problem solvers” for all types of corrosion and damage to metal surfaces. The range includes products for cleaning surfaces and protecting them, ensuring their usability and longevity.

    Hard working products geared at tackling problems with post fire or flood odours and contaminants, ideal for preparing surfaces prior to redecoration by preventing soot particle seepage.

    Sanitation and odour removal often go hand in hand, so Rozone has developed a selection of products that may well exceed your expectations in removing lingering smells and reinstating the required levels of hygiene and cleanliness within the environment

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    Whether you operate a large fleet of vehicles or a small fleet, Rozone supplies a comprehensive range of quality traffic film removing detergents (TFRs) and associated vehicle cleaning products for customers wishing to maintain their own fleet appearance & brand image; from non-caustic and neutral detergents to aluminium and alloy cleaners, trailer sanitisers, vehicle fabric and upholstery cleaners, sanitisers and odour controllers, glass cleaners and vehicle curtain maintenance systems. Shop The Range


    We offer a range of Birchmeier Sprayers to compliment our chemical range. Functional, durable and boasting the quality synonymous with “Made in Switzerland” the range includes sprayers and foamers for acids, alkalis and mineral solvents. Ranging from handheld compression sprayers to hand pump models with a stainless steel lance, our applicators and sprayers help to directly spray the product where you need it. Shop The Range


    Rozone offers an extensive range of competitively priced and fit for purpose dry goods and consumables, to support our cleaning and maintenance products. From PPE and spill kits, to wrapping, dispensing and storage you’ll find everything you need in one place for optimum ease and convenience. Shop The Range