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500ml McProper Plus Foam 360
  • 500ml Trigger Sprayer for foaming chemicals with unique 360 spray action - allows you to spray overhead, sideways and vertically
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Bag - Black Regrain Sack 80G
  • Bag - Black Regrain Sack 80G (Box 200)
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Bag - clear poly resealable
  • Bag - clear poly resealable (Bag of 100)
From £3.18
Knife - Retractable with Holder
  • Retractable pattern with blade lock facility, variable depth cut and Supplied with two notch blade in handle.
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Blades for Retractable Knife (box 100)
  • Blades - retractable knife (Box 100)
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Bottle Poly 1L (BOX OF 12)
  • Bottle Poly FL 1L (Box of 12)
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Box Large Plain (505x385x385mm) (Pack 10)
  • Box L - plain (505x380x383) (Pack 10)
  • A strong double walled cardboard packing box.
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