Our team of scientists worked with the automotive workshop at one of Britain’s leading power utility companies at their Birmingham site. The team there rated the ROwasher as Excellent and believe that the new machine provides a superior clean in their workshop.

The parts that they clean in the workshop are automotive components that may have been on vehicles collecting oil, grease and road dirt over several years. Technicians reported that the ROwasher has “brought parts back to life!”

Solvent-based cleaners were previously used, and the technicians rated the ROwasher fluid as having a similar cleaning efficiency, but importantly without the solvent odour that attaches itself to overalls and clothing worn by users. These are smells that you do not want to take home and the ROwasher has the obvious Health and Safety benefits of water-based cleaning over Kerosene.

The Birmingham-based workshop used the parts washer daily and found that the new ROwasher did not struggle to clean any materials in the workshop, and they were impressed by the way it effortlessly cleaned engine blocks and cylinder heads. They could not suggest any improvements to be made to the system, other than offering different brushes as options.

With the ROwasher system, a range of high-quality cleaning brushes is available with a continuous stream of cleaning solution being delivered through the bristle head. The standard MULTIJET brush employs an additional ring of cleaning solution jets to wash debris from the cleaning head. Made with a stiff, long-lasting Trialoy® polyester bristle and a durable, injection moulded handle, this self-cleaning brush head makes the brush ready to use at all times.

The range of brushes will maximise the speed of cleaning. Competitor machines use a single brush which is bristle shaped. The ROwasher has up to four varieties of shaped brushes available to suit customer requirements. Each brush is shaped for maximum cleaning efficiency with a ribbed handle design for firm grip.

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