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Hotwash ULTRA 50

SKU: 14020250

The Ultrasonic cleaning system is designed for continuous use due to its robust construction. 

The ultrasonic washing is carried out by a generator and plate transducers submerged in the liquid, placed in the front and back side.
Standard machines include an automatic mobile stainless steel platform for high loading capacity. 


Maintenance industry 

Automotive / Motorcycle

Mould and cast washing

Mechanical / Aviation industry

Electronics / Chemicals industry

Pharmaceutical industry

  • Structure and sheet metal in contact with liquid in Aisi 304 stainless steel including Stainless steel perforated sheet metal basket
  • Heating of the liquid with stainless steel electric heating element
  • Tank Capacity = 50lt Ultra Sonic power = 1200W - 26 kHz Load Capacity = 25Kg
  • IP65 electrical system, electromechanical controls
  • Internal welding bleaching
Inside Sink Dimensions: L50 x W25 x H40cm
PH Level
Water, Mechanical

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