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Pack size: 20L
SKU: 11020700
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ROZONE BIO RUST OFF is perfect for the fast and effective removal of rust contaminations from metals. It removes slight rust films but can also work on much thicker rust layers. This water-based cleaner and rust remover is eco-friendly and developed to be user-friendly because it is VOC-free and doesn`t require hazardous warning labels. 

ROZONE BIO RUST OFF has been developed for use in SOAK BOX processes (at ambient temperature), as well as in automatic Hotwash and ultrasonic cleaners. Wide operating temperatures of between 20 – 60 °C


SOAK BOX - Ready-to-use

HOTWASH Automatic machines - Min 20% Max 100% 

HOTWASH SPRAY JET machines - Min 20% Max 100%

HOTWASH ULTRA Machines - Min 20% Max 100%

  • VOC-free
  • Ready to use, low foam formula
  • Compatible with non-ferrous metals, plastics, stainless steel, steel, tiles, varnished surfaces, zinc-coated surfaces
  • Water-based pH-neutral
  • For manual, SOAK BOX or automatic, ultrasonic parts cleaners
  • Not miscible in water
PH Level
Water, Manual, Mechanical

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