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The ROwash SOAK BOX is a modular yet versatile system that is aimed at the prewash process specifically targeting the soaking of parts to help with the cleaning process in the workspace.

It has been designed to facilitate soaking, degreasing, cleaning and de-rusting of components.

The ROwash SOAK BOX reduces cleaning time by soaking parts and removing surface contamination prior to washing. 

Mulitple SOAK Boxes can be stacked in a filled state, thanks to their robust design. When empty, they can simply be nested inside one-another.

The ROwash SOAK Box comes with a trolley to assist in the movement and transportation of components within the workshop area. 

  • Suitable for manual part soaking as well as stock handling in a workshop environment
  • Easy to clean thanks to smooth surfaces
  • Cold and heat resistant
  • Made of HDPE
  • Impact resistant, break-proof
  • Resistant to acids and alkaline solutions
  • With ergonomic handles

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