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This system performs the successful washing of small and medium sized mechanical parts.

Washing is carried out manually with two gloves mounted in the front panel 

The appropriate cleaning results are achieved by a high pressure pump and a special hand held spray-nozzle. The machine is powered by single-phase power source and requires a compressed airline for the air dryer. It is then possible to heat the washing liquid up to 60 °C, and to wash parts with an adjustable pressurised pump up to 80 bar.

In this configuration (C) the machine requires a compressed air feed and can be used only with compatible Rowash water based low foam Degreasing fluid. The fluid can be heated to 60 degrees 

  • Structure and sheet metal in contact with liquid in Aisi 304 stainless steel
  • Foot Pedal control
  • Drain valves for emptying tanks
  • Tank Capacity = 75Lt
  • Special washing nozzle with jet under pressure and non-slip grip
  • Adjustable feet to ensure level mounting on floor
  • Load capacity = 70Kg
  • Heater = 3kW
Inside Sink Dimensions: L95 cm x W70 cm x H45 cmcm
PH Level
Water, Manual
Special options included 

  • Stainless stee filters
  • Immersion magnet for separation of ferrous metal particles 
  • Heating start-up weekly programmer 
  • Option can be equipped with wheels for easy handling 
  • Increased loading capacity to 150 kg
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