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Fire and Flood Damage Management

Rozone`s approach to fire and flood damage restoration is without equal. With over 30 years` experience working in partnership with the industry, our chemical formulations are designed specifically for purpose -  to clean, protect and restore and can meet almost any fire, smoke, water damage or odour removal requirement, no matter how complex or challenging.

Our range includes everything required to deal with tough fire and flood remediation, from cleaners and degreasers to sanitisers, odour neutralisers, smoke encapsulation, corrosion control and surface finishing products. The range also includes ancillary products and dry goods to assist in all aspects of the restoration job from chemical application equipment to PPE, cloths, wrapping and storage.

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Bottle Poly 1L (BOX OF 12)
  • Bottle Poly FL 1L (Box of 12)
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Brush - 1"
  • Brush - 1"
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Brush - 2"
  • Brush - 2"
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Brush - 3"
  • Brush - 3"
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Brush - Nook & Cranny 1"
  • Brush - nook & cranny 1"
  • A long plastic handle dog leg brush, filled in black bristle with a nickel plated ferrule, for those hard to reach places.
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Brush - Sash No10
  • Brush - Sash No10
  • 5/8" Plastic handle sash tool
  • Pure white bristle head
  • Plastic handle and ferrule
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Brush - Sash No20
  • Brush - Sash No20
  • Designed as a sash brush these top quality pure bristle brushes have a wide range of uses from painting to dusting, tight access painting, furniture restoration, glue brush and parts cleaning
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Brush - Yard 12" complete
  • Brush - Yard 12" complete
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Brush - Yard 24" complete
  • Brush - Yard 24" complete
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Bubble Wrap Clear - Small Bubbles (750mm x 200m) 2 Pack
  • Bubble Wrap Clear Small Bulbbles (750mm x 200m) 2 Pack
  • Lightweight large bubble wrap. Soft cushioning. Tough protection
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Bucket - Contractors
  • Bucket - Contractors
  • 10L capacity
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Bucket - Mop with Sieve Wringer
  • Bucket - mop with sieve wringer
  • 5L Capacity
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