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Whether your industry is automotive, aerospace, defence, manufacturing, plant hire or commercial kitchen we have a fit for purpose range of professional cleaning products that deliver the best results time after time. Our solutions have been developed to effectively, clean, protect and restore whilst safeguarding the wellbeing of users, ensuring efficiency while at the same time lowering costs and the impact on the environment. It is our aim to help our customers replace potentially hazardous chemical products with water-based or safer solvent-based solutions, offering protection to users and environmental benefits to the organisations using them.

Our range of specially formulated commercial cleaning products have all been designed, formulated and manufactured in our UK plant to a consistently high standard, with quality control and full traceability across all lines. We are driven by innovation and our team of chemists and microbiologists are constantly exploring what’s possible.

Our Industrial Cleaning range includes solutions for workshops such as all-purpose maintenance sprays and penetrants, cleaners and degreasers for electric sensitive areas, restorers for plastics, vinyl and coated surfaces and water-based alternatives to cellulose thinners and paint strippers.

For customers operating a fleet of vehicles, Rozone has a comprehensive range of quality traffic film removing detergents (TFRs) and associated vehicle cleaning products such as chassis cleaners, food safe sanitisers and interior valeting products.

For site maintenance we offer a range of floor cleaning solutions from oil stains on concrete and tarmac forecourts to removing stains from carpets and upholstery. Our comprehensive range includes floor cleaning products for both interior and exterior applications that can be applied manually or via floor scrubbing machine.

Our Commercial Kitchen cleaning products have been developed to effortlessly remove tough grease and grime from kitchen surfaces, appliances, ducts, vents, floors and even ceilings. Our Duct-Tech® range includes disinfectant, polish, duct cleaning gel and restorer cleaning solutions – leaving a spotless finish.

Rozone has developed a range of Industrial Cleaning Solutions that are safer, easier... it’s a dirty job,  why do it the hard way?

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Multi-Purpose Lubricant - Sil
  • Innovative maintenance product for vehicle curtains
  • Designed to lubricate curtain runners
  • Odourless, non-staining and heat resistant
  • Non-toxic
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Screenwash Concentrate
  • Highly concentrated screenwash
  • Can be used in trigger spray for de-icing
  • Protects against freezing to -12c
  • High performance , all season additive
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  • Versatile, medium duty, economical, low-foaming, alkaline cleaner
  • For daily maintence floor cleaning operations
  • Useful on most floor types
  • Effective on oils, fats, grease and grime
From £14.03
Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner - Ultrascrub
  • Economy floor cleaning product for medium to heavy duty soiling
  • Effective against most types of flooring
  • Low foaming alkaline formula
  • Excellent emulsification
From £29.48
  • Highly advanced neutral water based degreasing product for cleaning operations in sensitive working environments
  • pH Neutral detergent
  • Quick break emulsion system - suitable for interceptor tanks
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HD Powerscrub
  • Extreme heavy duty, water based, alkaline cleaner
  • Use with remedial floor cleaning operation
  • Excellent emulsification, lifts ingrained fats and oils
  • Controlled foam, easier rinsing
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Oil Eater Tarmac & Asphalt
  • Biological oil stain remover for tarmac and asphalt
  • Highly effective biological remediation
  • Long lasting bacterial digestion
  • Safe and easy to use
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Oil Eater Concrete & Block Paving
  • Biological oil stain remover for use on concrete, block-work, paving stones, forecourts, garage floors and driveways
  • Highly effective biological remediation
  • Long lasting bacterial digestion
  • Safe and easy to use
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Carpet & Upholstery Multi-Purpose
  • Ideal maintenance cleaner
  • High soil penetration, faster cleaning performance
  • Enhanced soil suspension technology
  • Helps protect against colour loss and wool damage
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Carpet Cleaner Super Plus
  • Tough, general purpose carpet cleaner
  • Lifts wide variety of stains
  • Suitable for wide range of carpets and upholstery
  • Superb economy in use
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Carpet & Upholstery Heavy Duty Traffic
  • Heavy duty pre-spray carpet cleaner for high traffic areas
  • Powerful but low hazard
  • Alkaline stain degreaser
  • Excellent soil wetting & dispersion
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Fibre & Fabric Rinse Concentrate
  • Ideal for wool, cotton and natural fibre upholstery fabrics
  • Can be used on synthetic fibres such as nylon
  • Acidic rinse and browning neutraliser
  • Restores correct pH - neutralises alkaline cleaners and spotters
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Stain Tech Guard
  • Carpet and fabric protection treatment
  • Apply to new soft furnishings or following cleaning
  • Repels oil and water based stains
  • One treatment for all fabrics and textiles
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Stain Tech Spotting Kit
  • Expert spot cleaning for carpets and fabrics - designed to remove wide range of stubborn stains
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Stain Tech Deruster Top Up
  • Refill for Stain Tech Spotting Kit - water based rust stain remover for carpets
  • Contains citric acid which aids the removal of rust and other metallic stains
  • Will not soak through to carpet backing
  • Water based for rinseability
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Stain Tech Gel Top Up
  • Refill for Stain Tech Spotting Kit - water based gel for removal of tar, chewing gum, ink and grease
  • Versatile solvency for wide range of stains
  • Can be used on water washable fabrics
  • Fully extractable - gel formulation reduces penetration into carpet backing
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