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Multi-Purpose Maintenance Spray

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It multipurpose finishing spray that protects against rust and corrosion on newly cleaned parts, hand tools, or other metal surfaces.
It penetrates to free stuck corroded parts like nuts, bolts, valves and locks. It dries quickly and leaves a thin, clear coating when you want to protect or lubricate a surface. Dont get stuck without our maintenance spray.

We have this product in various sizes as not all sites or applications use the traditional sparycan product found on the market. 


  • All purpose maintenance spray for dewatering, light lubrication and anti-corrosion.
  • Corrosion protection.
  • Lubricate doors, locks and hinges
  • Penetrates seized joints and threads.
  • Leaves a high lubricant film on sensitive metals
  • Protecting bike frames/chains from rust

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