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Microbial Bike Booster - 250Ml

Pack size: Unit
SKU: 11020680

Microbial Booster is a liquid form of concentrated microbes that aid the break down of carbon based lubricants typically found in the cycle industry.

Formulated to work alongside ROwash Degreasing Solutions and ROwasher Microbial Filter Mat, these microbes help keep the parts washer fluid cleaner for longer, minimising the ongoing running costs.

These specailly selected microbes offer both anaerobic as well as aerobic bioremediation, which means that they help reduce the sludge deposits that can form at the bottom of the parts washer tank. This helps to extend the life of the parts washer pump and heating element. 

Simply pour 250ml Microbial Bike Booster into the parts washer sink, whilst cleaning parts and the microbes will get to work in the tank.

We recommend adding 250ml Microbial Booster every 3 months dependant on the frequency of usage of the parts washer.

  • Concentrated microbial solution specially designed to work on bike oils, lubes and greases
  • Biodegradable
  • 250ml Bottle
  • Contains naturally occurring micro-organisms
  • pH neutral
PH Level
Water Based

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