PANDECT Precision Components Ltd, High Wycombe

Aviation & Defence Sector


Pandect Precision Components Ltd was founded over 70 years ago and today design and manufacture slip rings mainly for international aerospace, radar and defence programmes.

We asked John Whittaker Production Engineer at Pandect about their ROwasher.


ROwasher safely cleans and degreases oily, greasy parts

Q:  What do you use the ROwasher for in your workshop?

General cleaning of cutting oils and swaff from machined metal and plastic component parts.

Q:  Does the ROwasher do a good job cleaning and degreasing your parts?!

Yes! cleans off all oily deposits quickly. We have also used it for cleaning parts with old grease on and brought them back to bare metal quickly.

Safe to use & solvent free – good for the users, good for the environment

Q:  Why do you like using the ROwasher?

Works fast, no fumes or concerns over splashes to the skin.

Q:  AS A TECHNICIAN - is it a good machine to use?  And why?

Easy to operate, fast startup – press of a button and is ready to use.

Q:  TO OWNER/MANAGER: - Because the ROwasher is non-hazardous and solvent free, do the technicians like using the ROwasher? How is that good for you?

The technicians are able to maintain the machine for themselves, easy to change out filter mat and top up fluid when required.

Clever bioremediating technology significantly reduces hazardous waste disposal

Q:  Because the ROwasher is solvent free and bioremediates, it is good for the environment…is that important to you?

It is good to know we are not adding to an ever increasing problem.

Self-recycling – no need for a costly service contract

Q:  You don’t have any waste to dispose of – is that a big benefit to you?

Yes, the mats are very easy to dispose of in the designated waste. We have run the machine for almost 2 years now and have not had any disposal issues.

Q: How does ROwasher compare to a solvent parts washer?

We think it is better. The cleaning fluid cuts through oils just as fast but because it is heated it will break down grease much more quickly plus the parts as are heated by the fluid quickly dry themselves. No blowing solvents into the air with airlines post cleaning.

Q:  Is the ROwasher less messy than using spray & rag cleaning method?

Yes much quicker with far less mess to dispose of at the end.

Easy to maintain

Q:  Can you describe how easy the ROwasher is to maintain?

Very easy, we had a small issue with the level sensor after owning and running the machine for just over 1 year. The team at ROwash were able to diagnose the problem via the telephone and promptly supplied a replacement part. With their instruction we were able to replace the faulty level sensor ourselves without the need of a service visit and were back up and running again with only a couple of days down time. Very fast machine repair for a cleaning style product.

Q: Is the Filter Change Calendar a helpful reminder to change the Microbial Filter every month?

Yes, the local technicians manage this themselves and request replacement supplies when needed.


If you would like to find out more about how ROwasher could benefit your business contact the Rozone team on 0121 526 8181