From the excellent sales of ROwash Bike since we launched at the end of 2021, we know that the equivalent of a quarter of a million cans of general aerosol bike degreasers may well have been substituted in the UK cycle industry because of our sales to workshops that previously used the spray and rag method.

Our ROwasher product range (the trio of the ROwasher, ROwash and Microbial Filter Mat) simplifies, speeds up and improves the way technicians clean dirty bike components in their workshop, when compared to using rags and an aerosol spray can.

Typically, an aerosol spray can’s volume is 500ml and, based on the volume of ROwash Bike, along with the efficiency achieved when using the ROwasher parts washers, we have estimated the equivalent aerosol volume of product needed to achieve a similar level of effective cleaning.

Bike workshops using aerosols and spray cleaners know the time they take to achieve an excellent clean. The product cost is high and higher still when coupled with waste disposal.  There is also considerable cost to the environment because of the by-products remaining in the environment when waste goes down sinks, stays on rags, is washed off and pollutants enter the atmosphere.

Through our ROwasher cleaning system we have significantly reduced the volume of waste generated in the bike industry. The bioremediating ROwash bike degreasing solution self-recycles and is used continuously for ongoing cleaning, whereas the aerosol spray can option is a single use process with negative impact on the environment.  

Help us increase the number of aerosol cans replaced and tread (or pedal) more carefully on our planet. We want to eliminate single use cleaning operations. Use a more sustainable ROwasher parts washer.