In the development of the ROwasher, Rozone has been delighted to work with a national commercial vehicle team based in Wolverhampton, who are suppliers of industrial gases in a variety of cylinders for a wide range of industries and processes, including healthcare, welding, and automotive.

During the trial period it became apparent that cost factors and environmental credentials were critical to the team. Throughout the trial, the rating of both the current washer and the ROwasher improved from Good to Excellent after using the washers every two or three days.

No particular smell was detected from either washer and the technicians fully understood how the bioremediating parts washers worked and how important it was to change the filter monthly to avoid an expensive cleanout of the machine.

The commercial vehicle technicians had used solvent based cleaners before and rated the ROwasher detergent as having a similar cleaning efficiency, with a need to agitate the part with the brush provided.
The team has provided important information for the ROwasher R&D experts to ensure that the machine and the user requirements are fully met. This has been a great assistance to achieve the excellent machine that is now available on the market.

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