Social distancing and parts washing machines that need regular servicing by a technician are not an ideal match as we are all learning to cope long-term with Covid-19. We know that all businesses are reducing the number of staff and visitors to their sites and work premises for the foreseeable future and it is important to reduce unnecessary visits, where possible. 

The ROwasher uses an environmentally friendly cleaning process called bioremediation and has no monthly service contract and does not require a contractor to regularly visit your site, in contrast to the leading solvent and aqueous based parts washers.  The ROwasher parts cleaning machine, is used in conjunction with our ROwash Degreasing Solution and Microbial Filter Mat. Millions of micro-organisms are released into the system and they break down any washed off grease from the dirty parts into the ROwasher, this then becomes a mix of harmless carbon dioxide and water. The fluid clean is then clean and strong for use each day, this significantly reduces any need for hazardous waste disposal and the accompanying expensive service contract.

Key Benefits

  • No monthly service contracts
  • Solvent Free
  • Non-flammable, non-hazardous degreasing solution
  • Heated to 42ºC, better cleaning, more pleasant to use   
  • Reduced waste disposal costs
  • Energy cost savings with built-in Eco-Mode

Health & Safety Benefits

  • No Risk to Employees
  • Reduced PPE expenditure
  • Non-flammable, non-toxic degreasing solution
  • No vapours
  • Heated to 42ºC, more pleasant to use
  • Simplified CoSHH reporting

Environmental Benefits

  • Lower Risk to the Environment
  • No VOC emissions
  • Non-toxic degreasing
  • No “Solvent Emissions Directive”
  • Simplified CoSHH reporting
  • No contractors regularly visiting site
  • Assists compliance with latest legislation such as ISO14001

The ROwasher provides the best possible cleaning performance, saves energy, has clear environmental benefits and the user’s health and safety considerations are at the forefront of our innovation.

Find Out More About ROwasher here, or to speak to our team about about ROwasher, call 0121 526 8181.

Solvent Parts Cleaning Hazards

Solvent parts cleaning comes with a variety of hazards, unlike using aqueous parts washers, which have significant benefits. Many of the substances are hazardous and have an explosion risk and are flammable liquids category 4. Some of the substances have known specific target organ toxicity and are classified as single exposure Category 3 (CNS central nervous system). These substances may cause drowsiness and dizziness, with skin irritation and can cause respiratory tract irritation. The solvents are VOCs (volatile organic compounds), contributing to poor local air quality and they are also GHGs (greenhouse gases). The solvents used in parts cleaning require regular changes and this causes hazardous waste.

Aqueous Parts Washer Benefits.

Cleaning with aqueous parts washers has many benefits, versus solvent parts cleaning. The health and dermatological risks are lower; there is no contact with any hazardous substances, which also means no explosion risk. The fluid is ph-neutral and eudermic, it is water based and non-flammable and has no aggressive odour. The cleaning solution regenerates and has a long life before any change is required and has a comfortable working temperature of 40°C for the operator. The oil and grease from the parts biologically decomposes into water and harmless carbon dioxide through naturally occurring microbes.



Leading Solvent Parts Washer

Annual ROwasher saving

Year 1




Years 2-10





*Compared to a leading solvent parts washer, over a 10-year lifecycle, the ROwasher presents an operational saving of nearly £13,500.  The carbon footprint reduction of the ROwasher is 758.47 kgCO2 /year.

*Rozone’s test data conducted 2019.