Happy Black Country Day from the Rozone team!

We’re celebrating Black Country Day as part of the Black Country Chamber of Commerce (BCCC), a group of businesses working to celebrate and support each other’s growth and development throughout the Black Country.

Great Black Country Pedigree

As a company based in the Black Country for over 25 years, our roots stretch back even further to 1884 in Darlaston. Our parent company, Rubery Owen’s beginnings were as a leading manufacturing company producing industrial, automotive, and aerospace components.  

We're still based in the Black Country to this day, at Rubery Owen’s original manufacturing site in Queen Street, Darlaston.

An Industrial Past

The Black Country is famous for its industrial past with glass factories, iron foundries, coal mines, brickworks and steelworks as far as the eye could see. To this day, we continue to support industrial manufacturing across the UK, by providing the first ever UK-made bioremediating parts washer, the ROwasher.

The ROwasher is used across the UK and Europe in a wide variety of industrial workshops, to clean and degrease dirty, oily parts, including automotive, aerospace, bike and manufacturing components. The ROwasher uses the scientific power of bioremediation, to effectively “eat” the oil and grease washed off dirty parts, reducing the need for hazardous waste disposal, providing cost and environmental advantages.  

ROwasher - A Black Country Parts Washer

The development of the ROwasher parts washer and its consumables (the microbial filter mat and the ROwash degreasing solution) was conducted in partnership with scientists at Wolverhampton University, as part of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership. We wanted to invest in the expertise throughout the Black Country, which is why we turned to Wolverhampton University for support.

When we designed the ROwasher, we also wanted to honour our Black Country roots and support British manufacturing, whilst also reducing our environmental impact; so we sourced components and materials close to home. The ROwasher’s control box covers are sourced not too far away in Dudley alongside seals, and the Mobile ROwasher’s wheel axels are sourced directly from Wednesbury. 

Today, we are a proud member of the Black Country Chamber of Commerce, a thriving network of businesses throughout Dudley, Sandwell, Walsall, and Wolverhampton, showing that the Black Country is a great place to do business.

For more information, please call 0121 526 8181.