Rozone is working in partnership with a leading Commercial Kitchen cleaning company to solve the problem of heavy grease removal from kitchen canopies and ducts in a chain of high street restaurants.

As pub kitchens and restaurants are busy welcoming customers back, staff and contractors are busy cleaning. Grease and fat deposits build up in kitchen canopies and extracts to cause potential fire hazards. Ducts must be regularly maintained or catering outlets risk invalidating their insurance as they will not be compliant with TR19 guidelines.

Driven by innovation, Rozone have created the Duct Tech Range with the aim of helping companies reduce the use of harsh chemicals, whilst, at the same time, improving health and safety.

“Traditionally, cleaning professional kitchen extract ducting systems has required an operator to take high pH, caustic and often offensive chemicals into enclosed spaces. These chemicals, by their very nature, carry significant health and safety risks that are amplified by the environment of a ducting system. Revolutionary Duct-Tech® removes both the danger and the effort from the process without compromising performance. Tough on contaminant build-up, it’s safe and pleasant to use, whilst being easy on the environment.”

Joanne Snee, Rozone Chemical & Dry Goods Manager

Duct Tech`s spray-on formulation cuts effortlessly through accumulated grease and oily deposits even when they have hardened.

The Problem

A leading Commercial Kitchen cleaning contractor was receiving complaints from their staff that traditional products were causing burning sensations and discomfort when they came into contact with their skin. Employees reported having to apply time-consuming manual cleaning processes such as repeated scraping to achieve desired results, often breathing in unpleasant vapours whilst working in confined spaces. The physical task of cleaning overhead kitchen equipment meant caustic cleaning products were dripping on their heads, faces and down their arms – although fully protected in PPE it still made the cleaning job difficult, uncomfortable and time-consuming.

Working with Rozone

Rozone attended a site visit with technicians and reviewed the operational requirements of their kitchen cleaning team and the financial requirements of the management team.  Rozone selected their Duct Tech Power Clean for demonstration which is significantly safer to work with than the traditional products being used.

Duct Tech Power Clean has been created by Rozone chemists to effortlessly remove heavy-duty grease, dirt and staining from commercial kitchens and surfaces. Its spray-on formulation was specially designed to stick to troublesome areas for maximum dwell time without running off. It is ideal to use on hard-to-reach areas and has enhanced solvency for the removal of burnt-on fats and grease.

Rozone also reviewed the application of the products and recommended a Birchmeier foaming unit. Simply spray on the Duct Tech Power Clean- the white foam makes the area covered clearly visible whilst the foam consistency ensures reduced airborne particles. Virtually odourless, it leaves no unwanted chemical odour behind within the food production or preparation environment.

Results of the Test

Duct Tech Power Clean was sprayed onto the canopy with the highest deposits of burnt-on grease. It was applied with no agitation and left for the recommended dwell time before operators wiped it off.

User`s Opinion – “better results found with Rozone’s Duct Tech Power Clean in a fraction of the time with minimal effort.”

Following the success of the initial trial, the cleaning company management team explained that to get the same finish, they would have to apply a heavy caustic solution, leave it to dwell, scrape, wipe and repeat sometimes two or three times.  The Rozone product allowed the job to be done in a fraction of that time.  In addition, the cleaning could take place while the kitchen brigade and restaurant staff were working. 

The company have since carried out further field trials in other high street restaurants across the UK to compare the Rozone solution with their usual products.  All trialling teams reported better results with the Rozone products and they used less product overall than before. 

The Rozone product range demonstrated a 45% reduction in chemical usage and this figure is increasing as the cleaning teams become familiar with the new range.

Watch the video here.


Rozone has formulated Duct-Tech® with a complete understanding of the unique requirements of cleaning kitchen extract ducting systems, whether they involve short transition ducts or many linear metres of horizontal or vertical ductwork. In tests, when compared to traditional kitchen extract ducting chemicals, Duct-Tech® reduces the time required for effective duct cleaning by almost 50%.

Rozone specialises in solving problems that have traditionally been the preserve of effective but potentially hazardous chemicals products, replacing these wherever possible with water-based or safer solvent-based solutions, assisting with the protection and wellbeing of users whilst offering environmental benefits to the organisations using them.

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