It`s been a while since we have updated you about our partnership with Ecologi. We are proud to be a climate positive workforce here at Rozone.

Climate Positive Workforce

Ecologi makes positive climate action easy and accessible. They have been helping us offset our carbon footprint over the past 21 months.

So far, we have:

  • Planted 4,197 trees
  • Funded 33 carbon avoidance projects across the globe

That`s 309.71 tonnes of carbon reduction.

A small contribution but each contribution together makes a massive impact on our planet.

What does 309.71 tonnes of carbon reduction actually mean?

309.71 tonnes is equal to 768,391 miles driven in a car or 238 long haul flights.

Carbon Avoidance Projects

The latest project we funded is in Kenya. In the UK, we count the kilowatts our cooking appliances cost us. In other parts of the world, three billion people cook over open fires or on rudimentary stoves.

But at what cost? As these burn inside homes and areas with poor ventilation, they release plumes of harmful smoke. It's estimated that this contributes to 4.3 million premature deaths each year.

Traditional cooking practices also produce 2% to 5% of the annual greenhouse gas emissions worldwide.

Rozone is supporting a project which distributes fuel efficient ‘Jikokoa’ cookstoves to communities around Kenya. These stoves save local families money and reduce charcoal consumption by 64%. This also helps to ease the impact on local forests. The stoves reduce indoor air pollution by 65%, giving health benefits for the families who rely on them.

We are on a journey and hope that each small step we make has a positive impact on our environment.

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