We are delighted to introduce our new range of stainless steel aqueous Hotwash machines. These are entirely automatic and ideal as alternatives to solvent parts cleaning in aerospace, automotive, bike workshop, defence, industrial engineering, and plant hire settings. Common parts washing capabilities include engine components, and bike chain mechanisms. This brings a welcome addition to our comprehensive range of bioremediating parts washing machines, which provide eco-friendly, cost-effective, and safe parts washing solutions for our customers.

Our Aqueous Hotwash Machine range includes:

- Hotwash RO-750
- Hotwash RO-900
- Hotwash RO-1100T
- Jetwash RO160
- Jetwash RO180
- Jetwash RO200

We identified the need to provide our customers with an expanded range of parts washing options, as a result, our Hotwash machines have an automatic top loading function, and use temperature, pressure, and chemical action, to clean dirty parts quickly. Hot air collected from the wash cycle, enables the machine to dry parts after cleaning. Our Hotwash machines have a basket capacity of 200-440kg, allowing larger parts to be effectively cleaned.

Hotwash machines work as an excellent combination with our Hotwash Low Foam Fluid, which is a solvent-free, non-hazardous cleaning solution, formulated to remove oil and grease from stubborn parts.

We are excited to share these additions to the Rozone product range, available through our website now, or through phone enquiry.