The ROwasher R&D team worked with a Staffordshire-based manufacturer of pumps for the water, environmental and construction industries.

Our customer has a nationwide rental and sales branch network in the UK, as well as specialist worldwide pump distributors and are leaders in the development and manufacture of outstanding pumps.

The workshop technicians used the Rozone partswashers around 200 times in each month and they were mainly used for oil and grease removal in engine components. Through the trial period, the Technicians provided invaluable feedback on the ROwasher`s prototype features such as the On/Off switch. We listened to users and acted upon their recommendations, changing the switch, probe and PCB controller three times to create a machine that we and our customers are confident to call a market leader. They rated both the ROwasher and the existing parts washer as Excellent for cleaning performance.

The technicians have been happily using the Rozone parts washer for over 10 years in this heavy industrial application and we were more than happy to supply the ROwasher alongside their existing machines, to thank them for their valuable input in this development period. The feedback to our R&D team looked at simple communication regarding product information and there was a focus on ensuring that the health and safety credentials were strong. Our team was delighted to be able to report to our customer that the H&S considerations and compliance on the ROwasher are the strongest in the bioremediating parts washer sector.

The new ROwasher has an automatic switch off pump and heater if minimum or maximum fluid level is reached and this ensures no spillages of fluid and safety as the heater is disengaged, preventing risk of fire.

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