Rozone are proud to have been awarded Trusted Supplier status by the Hire Association Europe.

For over 10 years we have been supplying leading companies within the Plant Hire industry. The reason for our success? We understand the industry requirements. Our smart parts washer (also known as Smartwasher) and our range of workshop cleaning chemicals have been developed to effectively tackle anything from concrete residue to removing oil and grease from workshop equipment.

As members of the HAE, we work in partnership with hire industry experts to share best practices so that we can help fellow members reduce the use of harsh chemicals in their cleaning practices. This safeguards their staff and customers, and reduces their impact on the environment.


Our innovative cleaning the solutions replace potentially hazardous chemical products with effective water-based or safer solvent-based solutions – protecting the health and safety of technicians and offering environmental benefits, whilst still providing the same results as usual workshop cleaning solutions.

We develop and source products with SHE credentials so that you don’t have to – we take away the headache. You can be guaranteed that if it is a Rozone product, it will have a lower environmental impact than traditional alternatives – it will assist in compliance with the latest legislation.


  • We aim to provide solutions that increase the efficiency of our customers` operations and provide value for money.
  • As trusted advisors we aim to help companies:
  • Raise the standard of presentation of hire equipment
  • Provide efficient methods of cleaning reducing downtime between hire
  • Reduce waste production
  • Effectively address long-term health and safety requirements for staff in the light of ever-changing, more stringent and demanding regulations
  • Lower impact on the environment
  • Improve sustainability: Supply chain built on sustainable practice, carbon footprint, optimised product design (designed by you, for you) training and culture


  • Customer quality perception: equipment looks well maintained
  • Cost control: best practice in cleaning and presentation can save and make you money
  • Health & Safety: improve work environment and safeguard employees
  • Environment: lower impact on the environment
  • Sustainability: visible and quantifiable improvement in sustainable practice meeting corporate strategic objectives.


Our bio-remediating, self-recycling parts cleaning machine, the Smartwasher®, reduces the use of harsh toxic chemicals, helps technicians work more safely and also benefits the environment. It emits no fumes and assists with ISO14001 compliance, whilst effectively cleaning oil and grease.


Our range of Workshop Cleaning and Maintenance products have been created following many years’ experience supplying industrial and plant hire workshops. This on-the-job evaluation and attention to customer feedback have ensured a user-friendly product range that meets industry demands to the highest standard. Wherever possible, we use the latest available proven technologies within our formulations and products, which are manufactured at our plant in the UK – our team of chemists and microbiologists constantly explore what’s possible. Using our cleaning products on a regular basis means you have an element of compliance built in.


A Quality Manager from a leading National Hire Company who use our bioremediating parts washer in their workshops says:

“Rozone’s Smartwasher® helps compliance by reducing waste, driving down costs and improving efficiency. Smartwasher® helps us achieve a quick turnaround, presenting our tools and equipment in the best condition, ready for hire to the next customer.”

We offer free trials of our clever self-recycling parts washer – for more information, call a Rozone advisor on +44 (0)121 514 0604