Rozone has been working with a fantastic project called Recirculate and provided ROwashers to the teams who are renovating bikes. The Recirculate project sources donated products, renovates and locates them with NHS staff and children whose families cannot afford to purchase key items. The bikes are renovated in prison workshops at HMP Aylesbury, HMP Hewell & HMP Peterborough.

They have given away a total of 155 bikes to NHS staff and children with a parent in prison. In addition, 20 repurposed laptops have been given to Lewisham schools for distribution to children who cannot afford to buy them.

“Recirculate bike renovation project gave our prisoners real time work experience after completing their City & Guilds qualification in cycle mechanic. They can work on the bikes on a daily basis and in doing so they are able to gain full mechanical knowledge in cycle repair. The experience that they obtain from working on the bikes prepare them to explore cycle mechanic jobs when they are released from custody.” From HMP Aylesbury.

“Since coming to Bikes, I’ve learnt to develop the skill as a bike mechanic to be more confident, determined and always up for a challenging bike. By working on Recirculate bikes, I find it useful and beneficial to be productive for a good cause. Learning bike mechanics gives me the positive outlook about potentially becoming self-employed.” From an HMP Aylesbury prisoner.

“I’m so grateful to have been chosen and reap the benefits from such an amazing scheme! Being able to cycle to work on my bike has not only helped improve my fitness but my bank balance too with saving on travel costs! Best of all, it has been so lovely to get out and about for bike rides with my son; something I can’t wait to do more of when the weather improves! Thank you Recirculate!” Clinical Trial Practitioner, North Middlesex Hospital.

View the ROwasher here