We know a thing or two about giving new life to dirty things.

A reuse scheme is using the ROwasher parts washer to clean, recycle, and breathe new life into bikes that would otherwise have been added to landfills. The network diverts as many usable items as possible from the waste cycle to protect the local community and planet from unnecessary waste. These items - recycled bikes, electronics, furniture, household goods, and kitchen equipment are then sold, with the money made going back into the operation and to nearby charities such as local hospices.

“You can’t sell bikes unless they’re spotless, it’s just not accepted, and the ROwasher is fantastic at getting bikes into a good-as-new condition.”

The ROwasher uses a natural recycling process - bioremediation, which is really nature’s way of cleaning up, to reuse its own cleaning solution. When dirty parts are cleaned in the ROwasher’s sink, 200 million oil-eating microbes get to work breaking down bike oil and grease, keeping the parts washer’s fluid clean for every use, reducing the need for waste disposal, and helping the reuse scheme keep a green conscience.

Used bikes arrive on site dirty, greasy, and grimy. A team of volunteers need a quick, safe, and eco-friendly cleaning solution. The ROwasher fits the bill.

The volunteers are thrilled with the cleaning results achieved.

We all know a spotless bike has the best chance of finding a new home!

If a bike is cleaned faster, more bikes can be cleaned, more can be recycled, and less waste is produced. The ROwasher helps these reuse schemes achieve this, and when there’s a bike that can’t be saved, usable parts don’t go to waste. They’re removed and cleaned in the ROwasher’s ergonomic sink before being sold as spares to customers looking to repair their bikes at home.

We’re proud to support businesses and organisations with an environmentally friendly ethos close to our own.

For more information on how ROwasher could help you speak to our team on 0121 526 8181