The ROwasher scientists worked with a Walsall-based civil engineering and infrastructure specialist within the construction industry, during the trial period.

The workshop already uses Rozone parts washers to clean components that are fitted to the Moles that are currently working under Central London, to install a new underground and sewer system in a multi-million-pound contract. Their technicians rated both the existing parts washer and the new ROwasher as Perfect and Excellent for their cleaning performance.

In a one-month period, the workshop used the partswashers around 400 times in general maintenance, engines and machinery. The workshop team had used solvent based cleaners before and rated the ROwasher fluid as having a similar cleaning efficiency.

Our Walsall-based customer has been key in helping us work on a variety of functional and user options with the ROwasher and has been instrumental in helping us develop the new machine to the excellent new standard. They have also helped provide feedback on the product information and the best routes of communication to technical teams.

The ROwasher is truly Made in the UK. This is the first-ever parts washer that has been conceived, designed and manufactured in the UK. We have worked with local suppliers in the Black Country, who have provided the filter mat and electronics module. The plastic mouldings are from Lancashire. The cover of the control box is from Dudley, the seals that seal the control box are from Dudley, the axel for the wheels is from Wednesbury, the wheels are from Peterborough, the heater is from Derby, the fluid level sensor is from Stratford, the blanking caps for the sink are from Telford, the stainless steel basket filter is from Wolverhampton and the pump has been bought in Nottingham. The brush is the only non-home-grown item and has come from the US.

This has significantly reduced our environmental footprint.

Static and mobile models are available. This gives customers the ability to upgrade to a super sink version with only a sink change. The tank remains unchanged and the sink variation can be achieved with a quick release coupling.

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