Our R&D team worked with a Wednesbury-based automotive and commercial vehicle workshop during the trial period of the new ROwasher and the existing parts washer. Their main area of concern is engine oil and they clean very oily cylinder heads that contain carbon deposits.

The vehicle workshop did not have an existing partswasher on site and were very happy with their first experience of an aqueous, bioremediating parts washer, admitting their surprise that the ROwasher produced powerful cleaning results, managing to remove carbon deposits usually reserved for the likes of aggressive solvent cleaners.

The ROwasher machine is used at least once weekly, or six times in four weeks, in the workshop. The technicians fed back that the robustness of the machine is critical within their workshop environment. This has been an area of development that has been a significant focus in our innovation.

We have deliberately not added a drain plug arrangement in the bottom of the tank and the ROwasher’s double skin wall is not compromised by adding holes. This reduces the potential for fluid leakage. The ROwasher system does not require regular fluid changes if the microbial filtration mat is changed once a month.

The ROwasher’s robust rotational moulded sink, tank, and control housing is all ergonomically designed to achieve maximise strength, while maintaining operator comfort and ease of use. All mouldings are produced from high quality CNC machined aluminium state-of-the-art tooling, ensuring consistent quality of parts and this guarantees that the parts washer lasts longer, saving money in the long-term. The plumbing pipe work is all on the inside of the sink, neatly out of the way and this reduces the potential for damage and there is no risk of leakage.

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