Rozone have had an exciting few weeks visiting Rozone parts washer customers across the UK for an all-important machine health check-up, and the job is far from complete…

Business Development Manager Andy Ratcliffe is on a mission to make sure customer’s machines are working in optimal condition.

Andy is Rozone’s parts washer expert, with over 20 years of experience providing automotive, bike, plant hire and industrial workshops with the best return on investment possible.

In the past few weeks Andy has visited a variety of Rozone customers, from emergency service workshops, manufacturing plants and local authority depots, to bike shops and multi-site fleet operations to perform the following services:

- Health check questionnaire – To determine the health status of the Rozone parts washer.

- Visual health check – To make sure the machine and ROwash Solution are fit for purpose and ready for action.

- Consumable support – ROwash degreasing solution and Microbial Filter Mats are available directly from the Rozone van.

Lockdown restrictions have meant Rozone parts washers may have been switched off for an extended period of time, as technicians have been unavailable to top-up with ROwash Solution or replace Microbial Filter Mats.

The Rozone team identified this issue when speaking to customers as part of our regular telecontact programme. The bioremediating microbes within Rozone parts washers need warmth and regular replenishment to continue effectively “eating” oil and grease from dirty parts and components.

To make sure workshop cleaning operations can continue as smoothly and efficiently as possible, Rozone created the health check-up programme, with the aim to travel all across the UK getting each and every microbe “back to work”.

The benefits of a Rozone parts washer health check-up include:

- Optimal cleaning performance: Parts cleaning operations can resume with machines in optimal working condition.

- Repair requirements are identified: Any mechanical or electrical faults identified can be resolved (on a separate visit).

- Consumable support: ROwash Degreasing Solution and Microbial Filter Mats can be supplied on-site without delivery costs.

- Increased return on investment: Return on investment is increased for Rozone parts washers that need a little bit of extra care.

Andy is still available for parts washer health check-ups across the UK, please call 0121 526 8181 to book into his limited diary.

He is also on hand to answer any Rozone parts washer queries, such as operational or bioremediation questions.

Rozone parts washer clean-out services are also available on a separate visit, for machines which have accumulated oil and grease during any downtime. Please call expert James Totney directly on 07395 798 510.