Rozone recently worked with a major disaster recovery client on a restoration project at a large Victorian property that had substantial fire damage due to an electrical fault. Technicians were looking to remove soot deposits and smoke odour so that reinstatement work could be undertaken. As a result of the fire, there was no hot water supply to the property. The client also specifically identified a stainless-steel fireplace, worth approximately £6,000, that was completely coated in rust due to acidic deposits from the fire. The client was keen to work with Rozone to establish sustainable solution that involved a smaller, more flexible range of products that would quickly and efficiently restore the property back to its pre-incident condition without the use of heavy chemicals. 

“Our previous experiences of removing soot deposits involved using a high alkaline formula that was proving to be really labour intensive due to its ineffectiveness at lifting the soot away from the surfaces. We wanted to improve efficiency and minimise the risk to staff associated with using hazardous solutions.”

The Solution

To remove soot deposit, Rozone specified RES Restore Clean, a light to medium alkaline surface cleaner developed using the latest technology to break down the soot deposits, making the soot easier to remove from both porous and non-porous surfaces, improving efficiency and resulting in an outstanding finish – even when using cold water. RES Restore Clean is also a great all-round cleaner, the dilution can be adjusted to attempt anything from a basic house clean through to a house fire. RES Glacier Extra was used to cut through carbon and grease on the windows to achieve a sparkling, streak free finish, without the need for a pre-clean. RES Odour Control was used to neutralise bad odours at particle level, removing them for good as opposed to masking them with a stronger chemical smell. RES Odour Control enabled the client to hand the property back to the customer in pre-incident condition, confident in the fact that odours wouldn’t return at a later date. To restore the metal fire place RES Citritech, a product developed to neutralise and remove rust from galvanised steel and stainless steel safely and without risk of damage to the steel behind, was applied in a neat formulation and left for five minutes. It was then wiped away, removing all of the rust from the fireplace and bringing it back to its original condition. Technicians were delighted as it was presumed that the fireplace was unsalvageable and would need to be replaced.

Rozone also delivered a hands-on training session to demonstrate to staff the range, its benefits and processes and most importantly how to get the best out of the products.

By implementing the Rozone solution, the client could achieve outstanding results with a small, extremely versatile product range that was easy and safe to use with both hot and cold water. They increased productivity, lowered labour costs and significantly reduced the number of products that they needed to take into the job

This is just one of example of how Rozone is helping its customers to achieve optimal performance from the range and meet any fire, smoke, water damage or odour removal requirement, effectively and efficiently.