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Our commercial kitchen cleaning products help fight tough and stubborn dirt on kitchen surfaces, ducts, vents and more. Our kitchen Duct-Tech® range includes disinfectant, polish, duct cleaning gel and restorer cleaning solutions – leaving a spotless finish.

We have formulated Duct-Tech® Gel with a complete understanding of the unique requirements of cleaning kitchen extract ducting systems. In tests, when compared to traditional kitchen extract ducting chemicals, Duct-Tech® reduces the time required for effective duct cleaning by almost 50%.
Duct-Tech® is pH neutral, non-corrosive and non-toxic. This spray-on gel formulation effortlessly removes accumulated oil and grease even when they have hardened, without risk to the user, surfaces or equipment.

Our products have been developed to effortlessly clean and remove dirt from work surfaces, kitchen appliances and even ceilings. As well as designing our solutions to be non hazourdous, we also provide disinfectants to ensure surfaces are safe for food preparation.

Along with our commercial cleaning solutions, we have easy-to-use sprayers and applicators to make those hard-to-reach areas accessible. Ranging from handheld compression sprayers to hand pump models with a stainless steel lance, our applicators and sprayers help to directly spray the product where you need it.

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