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Rozone has been developing innovative solutions to both everyday and more complex cleaning problems since its establishment at the end of the last century.

1. Robust Double Skinned Tank

Advantage: All ergonomically designed to enhance thermal properties and maximise load capability while maintaining operator comfort and easy use.

Benefit: Energy consumption reduced saving your pounds and the planet. All mouldings are produced from high quality CNC machined state-of-the-art tooling, ensuring consistent quality and guaranteeing that the parts washer lasts longer, saving money in the long-term.

2. Fully Removable Electronics Module

Advantage: Ease of maintenance and service.

Benefit: The benefit to the customer is next day delivery of replacement part if you do experience machine failure. The unit can simply be swapped over without the need of a service callout and extended downtime while you wait for service engineer to attend. Also minimises the amount of WEEE reporting and disposal. There are money-saving benefits and reduction in the customer’s carbon footprint.

3. Automatic safety switch off

Advantage: The ROwasher pump and heater automatically switches off if minimum fluid level is reached. This maximises safety as heater is disengaged.

Benefit: Prevents risk of fire.

4. No oxygen pump required

Advantage: Other parts washers need an oxygen pump to aid the bioremediation process. No oxygen pump is required in the ROwasher because we have specially chosen microbes that work on aerobic and anaerobic levels - we discovered in our comparative laboratory work that oxygen causes more sludge to be circulated through the solution.

Benefit: The ROwasher does not have the costs of running a machine with an oxygen pump.

5. Automatic energy saving mode

Advantage: The Rowasher automatically engages eco-mode after a period of 4 hours of inactivity. The temperature drops to 37°C reducing power consumption.

Benefit: Saves money on daily running costs and Rozone’s scientific testing of microbes verified their optimum working temperature at 37°c. Average operating costs (energy consumption) 34pence/day, 2.39Kw/h /day, 2.79 Kg C02/day. 42% reduction when compared to a leading competitor (59 pence per day)

5. Made in the UK

Advantage: This is the first bioremediating parts washer that has been conceived, designed and manufactured in the UK, using local suppliers in the Black Country who have provided the filter mat and electronics module. The plastic mouldings are from Lancashire.  The cover of the control box is from Dudley, the seals that seal the control box are from Dudley, the axel for the wheels is from Wednesbury, the wheels are from Peterborough, the heater is from Derby, the fluid level sensor is from Stratford, the blanking caps for the sink are from Telford, the stainless steel basket filter is from Wolverhampton and the pump has been bought in Nottingham. The brush is the only non-home-grown item and has come from the US. 

Benefit: This has significantly reduced our environmental footprint.

6. No drain plug in tank

Advantage: The ROwasher’s double skin wall is not compromised by adding holes

Benefit: This reduces the potential for fluid leakage.  The ROwasher system does not require regular fluid changes if the microbial filtration mat is changed once a month. Hence there is no need to drain the tank of a ROwasher.

7. Plumbing pipe work all housed inside machine

Advantage: This reduces the potential for damage and leaks

Benefit: No need to replace damaged pipes saving time and money.

8. Flexible cleaning nozzle

Advantage: Delivers optimum flow of cleaning solution via a highly-visible orange nozzle.

Benefit: This saves time and allows technicians to easily see the nozzle.

9. Easy read LED monitors

Advantage: Machine operation status at a glance

Benefit: Simple and easy to use

10. Static and mobile models available

Advantage: Partswashers to suit the way you work. We have static, mobile, extra large sink and benchtop machines designed to fit all workshop requirements. The Mobile ROwasher is the ideal solution when you need a cleaning station to come to you. Ability to upgrade to an extra large sink version with just a simple sink change.

Benefit: Machines designed to fit any workshop requirement. Sink variation can be achieved with a simple quick release coupling.

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